Downloads Are Back

I’m uploading all the media files to Wuala where they will soon be available for download again. It’s going to take a while to upload everything but I’m hoping to have some new stuff for you as well. The link is on the menu bar above but I’m still adding so if the file you want is not there, please check at a later time. I’m also refurbishing the content on the site so you may encounter the odd dead link or general weirdness. Thanks for your patience.

PTL Updates

Movie Updates


Down Here

In the wake of tragedy a troubled detective clings to the last remaining semblance of the man he … [Read More...]

Other Updates



Dice is set in a small, Canadian college town, where some of the residences are obsessed with a "game" involving dice. The game, as taught by college professor Glenn Taylor, involves making a list of … [Read More...]


Stargate SG1

Offworld, SG-1 discovers a crashed prison-transport ship, and find themselves caught between the guards and the prisoners. … [Read More...]